As a leading telecom Revenue Assurance solution, MoneyMap offers a selection of predefined packages, such as LTE, Mobile Money, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Wholesale, Cable, Satellite and Triple-Play / Quad-Play. Each package encompasses cVidya’s knowledge & expertise and includes a set of risks (such as LTE risks) being covered by appropriate measures. Each package is also accompanied by relevant reports and dashboards, both for RA analysts as well as for RA managers and other executives. All packages reduce the cost of creating risk mitigations to cover new services, new pricing schemes and new lines of business.

MoneyMap is a comprehensive, end-to-end, carrier-grade RA solution designed to address all aspects of revenue-related risks for all types of CSPs (Mobile, Fixed, Cable, Triple-Play / Quad-Play, MVNO, etc.).
cVidya’s MoneyMap is capable to operate in a Big Data environment, where all required data is stored in a Hadoop-based layer, and all data manipulation, aggregation, enrichment and calculations are performed using map-reducing functions on local data nodes.
MoneyMap can be delivered in all business models including on premise, Cloud/SaaS or as Managed Services.
cVidya’s highly experienced Revenue Assurance consultancy practice works closely together with RA units and consults on reaching the milestones of the project.


cVidya is a leading supplier of Big Data Analytics solutions to communications and digital service providers. cVidya’s big data technology platform and analytical applications enable operators to optimize profits and enhance decision-making.

cVidya’s portfolio includes solutions for business protection and business growth.
Business Protection solutions enable CSPs to identify and manage risk and exposure along the entire revenue chain:
MoneyMap® – An end-to-end, carrier-grade suite of Revenue Assurance product designed to address all aspects of revenue-related risks
FraudView® – A obust risk-based field-proven solution that investigates, detects, and prevents current and future threats from internal, external, and partner fraud
Business Growth solutions empower service providers with cross-organizational data needed to make business decisions:
Enrich™ – cVidya’s advanced Marketing Analytics product. It consists of pre-modeled Big Data analytics use cases, designed to address the specific challenges marketers face today in their base management activities and providing quick paths to actionable insights.
Engage™ – cVidya’s Big Data Monetization product, supporting operators in monetizing their data through external partners. Engage provides use cases and unique insights addressing business needs of various sectors, including transportation, retail, advertising, financial services, tourism and more.
cVidya utilizes Big Data technology in order to gain the Hadoop advantages of cost reduction, enhanced performance and mainly – unlimited scope, which enable robust analysis capabilities for different business purposes and needs. This is done using dedicated Big Data applications embedded with business content created by years of domain expertise.