Communications service providers are challenged to find innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition, while identifying new internal and external revenue streams. They look to effectively and quickly leverage the vast amounts of available customer data, identify associated hidden opportunities and transform them into quantitative opportunities.
cVidya’s Enrich Marketing Analytics solution enables the effective planning of new products, promotions, and 3rd party partnerships. It offers packages of pre-modeled customer big data analytics with guided analysis flows, designed to address the specific challenges that CSP marketers face today and provide quick paths to actionable insights. Enrich also offers advanced predictive analytics models and simulation functionality, enabling informed and optimized data-driven marketing planning by measuring the potential effect and influence of a specific marketing action before its execution.

The Enrich solution includes business focused analysis packages; a 360° cross-business KPIs executive views; advanced predictive analytics models; and an offer analyzer.


cVidya is a leading supplier of Big Data Analytics solutions to communications and digital service providers. cVidya’s big data technology platform and analytical applications enable operators to optimize profits and enhance decision-making.

cVidya’s portfolio includes solutions for business protection and business growth.
Business Protection solutions enable CSPs to identify and manage risk and exposure along the entire revenue chain:
MoneyMap® – An end-to-end, carrier-grade suite of Revenue Assurance product designed to address all aspects of revenue-related risks
FraudView® – A obust risk-based field-proven solution that investigates, detects, and prevents current and future threats from internal, external, and partner fraud
Business Growth solutions empower service providers with cross-organizational data needed to make business decisions:
Enrich™ – cVidya’s advanced Marketing Analytics product. It consists of pre-modeled Big Data analytics use cases, designed to address the specific challenges marketers face today in their base management activities and providing quick paths to actionable insights.
Engage™ – cVidya’s Big Data Monetization product, supporting operators in monetizing their data through external partners. Engage provides use cases and unique insights addressing business needs of various sectors, including transportation, retail, advertising, financial services, tourism and more.
cVidya utilizes Big Data technology in order to gain the Hadoop advantages of cost reduction, enhanced performance and mainly – unlimited scope, which enable robust analysis capabilities for different business purposes and needs. This is done using dedicated Big Data applications embedded with business content created by years of domain expertise.